Captain America Hulk Smash Deck

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animus · 83

(This deck was inspired by the guys at the Deck-selsior! podcast). Only the Core set and Cap expansion are required.

This Cap deck is built around getting Hulk out, Enraging and SMASH! ~75% of the deck is not so you should have a great chance of doing some extra damage. If you get lucky you can get 14-15 damage out of him (3+2+2; 3+2+2(+1) and he goes away). Try to use him and get him to the discard pile before you cycle through the deck to get him out again.

All of the resources have the added benefit of powering Cap's kickers. All in all, a nice beat 'em up deck.

Perhaps add First Aid in to heal Hulk and smash some more, but it has a resource so beware. This version runs with 1.


Jan 02, 2020 wedgeex · 26

What about Honorary Avenger over First Aid? Only one extra hit point but zero cost, and you can use them on yourself and other player's heroes to effectively remove the cards from your deck for faster cycling back to Hulk mode.

Jan 03, 2020 animus · 83

Great idea. I like it! I'll make that change.