Aggression HERO/WEAPON Deck as @Rogue

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Bhenji_DvC · 70

Captain America used as a placeholder for my current version of a plug & play Aggression aspect deck that focuses on Weapons/Upgrades.

I have tried to identify synergistic allies but this is the one section of the deck that will most accommodate whatever you have in your collection.

One copy of Audacity was added to combat this type of decks arch-nemesis, the tough status.

I have gone for a critical mass of weapons, specifically Hand Cannon to provide consistency of draw probability but for more experienced players this might not be necessary.

Also Helicarrier is just a placeholder for Quincarrier where possible and even cards like Avengers Mansion if you're playing multiplayer.

This was used as the basis for a video on preconstructed Aggression decks

To be clear all of my content is geared somewhat towards casual and new players and is tailored accordingly.