Born for Jarnbjorn

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Warmachine · 59

2x Super-Soldier Serum plus Jarnbjorn + 1 card with "I can do this all day" = 8 dmg. Add combat training and were at 10. That's with only using 1 card from his hand. The rest of the cards support Captain Americas strengths. 7 allies to use his alter ego ability on and they all share traits with him (hello team building exercise) Stuns galore because he loves to keep the enemy locked up 6 built into the deck. This will get us extra cards with press the advantage. 9 attack events for fluid motion to proc on.

Maximum damage output and utilization.

Considerations: You can remove team building exercise and Helicarrier to add another drop kick and press the advantage for more dmg events but I tend to play heavy into my resource build up.