Giant Tiny Nadia | Flippy Resetti (Get Up and Game!)

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JWalton77 · 977

In my final Wasp deck of the series it’s time to use everything she can do all at once!

Change forms to take advantage of Ready To Rumble and Perseverance.

Get the wings out for Ever Vigilant.

Defend with her great DEF and draw cards with Unflappable, deal damage back with Red Room Training, Electrostatic Armor and Dauntless.

Be sure to get her helmet out to increase her stats and take advantage of all the readying.

And don’t forget to go to alter ego as often as possible to shuffle Genius, Nick, the Professor, or whatever great cards you want back into your deck!

Basically , do all the things lol. Try to stall and get set up, and then when you have some resources in play and feel good and ready go ahead and bring the heat with all Wasp’s amazing damage!

This deck is very versatile and should be able to handle just about anything the villain can throw at you!