Worldmind connection goes from Dial-Up to Fiber-Optics

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Bbyowll · 25

The strongest card in Nova's deck is not Unleash Nova Force, it's Connection to the Worldmind. Unleash is very strong, but very situational. Connection gives you an extra card in hand every time it appears, and it costs nothing. It is card draw without having to pay. So, contrary to popular belief, Nova does not want tons of card draw in his deck, he wants a larger hand size. The strength of Connection comes through when it is drawn in a new hand, and in fact loses quite a bit of strength when drawn during your turn. This is why you see no Champions Mobile Bunker, no Avengers Mansion. Instead, 3 copies of Assess the Situation, which Nova plays better than any other hero. This card gives Nova the potential for 2 extra cards in his next hand, and is often easy to play given Nova's abundance of resources. So here's the idea- draw big hands, play big events, chunk down the villain and keep the main scheme in check. Keeping the main scheme in check, rather than focusing on keeping it clear allows Nova to focus damage and earn himself flip-downs without having to pay for confuses. This is assisted by the underrated Agile Flight, and the phenomenal Under Surveillance. Stealth Strike is expensive, but can easily earn the finishing blow on minions with the small pings from Nova and several allies' 1 attack stats, and even the occasional 2 threat removal that it provides makes it more valuable in this deck than even most aggression attack events given how easily Nova can afford it. The massive card draw from Moongirl and Nick Fury is enough to offset the risk of drawing Connection, while Wraith and Venom apply big chunks of damage. Machine Man is an easy play at 2 cost, and he gets great value for Nova either as a cheap 1/1 blocker, or as something to dump excess resources into for big activations. Expert 2 Mysterio, Expert Mojo, Heroic Sandman, Expert Magneto, no problem. Nova has the resources, the hand size, the blockers, the efficiency, the flip-downs, the damage, the thwarting to take care of just about anything. There aren't many upgrades and supports in the deck, but they are all incredibly easy to play and provide great support for what the deck is designed to do. Get Jesse Alexander and Under Surveillance on the table, and you'll feel like the Worldmind is always right there with you.


Jan 23, 2023 Bbyowll · 25

The combos for this deck take place when setting up your next hand. Once you have it, pay big money for big impact without breaking a sweat.