Ziggy Star-Lord and the Spiders from the Multiverse

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Theberg123 · 1469

After a Gaurdians and Avengers team up, Spider-Man is called to help a group of Web-warriors, but Star Lord trips through the portal instead! Can he lead this group to victory?

"Didn't know what time it was, The lights were low, oh, oh"

I really like this deck because it marks off two items I've had on my deck building checklist for a while, find a fun and competent Star Lord Protection deck, and find a fun and competent Web Warrior deck with a non-Web Warrior hero. Obviously not the best deck on the planet, but it more than holds it own and is fun to boot!

Star-Lord The protagonist for this story is the leader of Gaurdians, who through his hero abilities makes the foundations of this deck work. The gameplan is going to be to set up Knowhere and Web of Life and Destiny so that each ally we play will gives us a 2-card refund over their time in play. Star Lords hero ability makes all of our web warriors count as Gaurdians while he is up letting them proc both our powerful draw supports, an idea many people have dwelled on before. What could go wrong? Let's us play our allies for cheap or free, and between chump blocking, thwarting/attacking, drawing 2 cards, and other benefits I'll go more into later, these are more then worth the encounter card. Leader of the Gaurdians also gives all our allies +1 THW, which is nice considering our Web Warriors struggle slightly more in the threat department then damage. Web of Life and Destiny is our big "mulligan literally everything but this card" as it gives us a constant web-warrior trait and starts our draw engine. Knowhere is about the only card I wouldn't mulligan for it, and we'll touch on other cards that can help us get the trait on board if we can't find it early.

"Moonage Daydream"

Our Web Warriors fuel the engine by triggering our card draw, but many actually have micro-synergies with Star-Lords kit. Ghost-Spider gives us flexibility by tutoring our hero cards, but still gives us great value with an extra card if we already use Knowhere or don't have WoLD up. Scarlet Spider's card draw is more relavent here since we aren't spending full resources to play him, so looking at more cards is very nice. Ham is cheap and has some sustainability on board, though he's probably one of the first allies getting cut since we actually have times we want to reliably have a Web-warrior leave play. SP//dr is awesome here, reliable access to a consistent cheap proc for our supports is an awesome piece of the puzzle here.

Our protection allies are all valuable in that they get us a Web-warrior trait on board (None require another Web-warrior to play), so we can play our basic allies even if we haven't seen web of life and destiny yet. Noir and UK both have affects that can wait till we get another ally out to use, and Silk is pretty cheap to use even if we don't proc her enter play. Silk and Noir both can help reduce risk from Star Lords ability by managing problematic treachery cards too. Miles triggers his enter play ability pretty regularly actually, this deck is really good about getting allies down, and the extended ally limit keeps our board full for him. Octavius is pretty cheap, and we can get his card draw kicker pretty easy with our awesome Element Guns.

Thwip Thwip offers a lot control in a single card, and Spider-Tingle tingle helps mitigate the consequence of our hero ability(especially good when used with Kaine's ability). We don't mind damaging our allies for either of these as we want to churn and burn them for card draw, and we're playing them so quickly.

C.I.T.T. is here so we have something to spend our excess resources on from all of our card draw. Gives us flexibility whether we feel the need to Thwart, Attack, or recover.

"Hang on to Yourself"

What would we change? C.I.T.T is not necessary to function at all, Ham can be more unwieldy then we like, and Hobby is so-so compared to other allies. Versions I play tested before the Ham and SP//dr allies were revealed ran Assess the Situation, which actually was really nice as a way to fix efficiency problems with our hand when we want to use element guns and C.I.T.T. easily. Early deck versions did actually feel very low on Web-warriors in that state, especially going through your deck and not letting some allies get defeated before the reshuffle, but SP//dr might go a ways to fix that issue. Spider-Tingle is also a potential cut, especially if you don't want to run Kaine.

"There's a Starman, waiting in the sky!"

Enjoy everyone! I've had a blast with this deck both solo and Multiplayer, and think it is definitely something quite unique to try.

Oh, and here's some recommended listening while playing the deck:



Jul 21, 2022 celric · 428

I'm a simple man. Bowie gets a like.

Jul 22, 2022 Schmendrix · 5267

Uhh, heck yeah, I love this deck.

Jul 25, 2022 Killbray · 4

The main problem I see on this deck is that a lot of these allies can't be played unless you have a web-warrior traited character in play first. So logically you want as many Web-warrior traited allies you can that do not have that restriction.

There's currently 5 allies (if we exclude the Justice aspect) that fits that description. Why not including all of them? Spider-Man Peter Parker (Basic) may not be a particularly good ally, but if he can improve the chance of getting your engine to start more consistently I think it would be better to include it.

Jul 25, 2022 ryndar · 1

@Killbray as Web of Life and Destiny is the engine, that fulfills the web warrior requirement as they need a card not a character.

Having an ally that's hard to play and can potentially muck up a turn to fit the requirements doesn't feel like it'll help much. Also if your going to use Across the Spider-Verse to "cheat" out Peter Parker you could have it just put any of the other web warriors into play anyway.

Jul 29, 2022 journeyman2 · 22282

This is a great concept! There are some flex spots, but you’ve really got me thinking.

I wonder if there is a Blaze of Glory deck that uses the damage to trigger Web of Life and Destiny a bunch of times!

Jul 31, 2022 Theberg123 · 1469

@journeyman2 Oh yeah it's 100% concept and theme in this list. Definitely a lot of spots you can switch to lean into different areas.

The ally count is very high, and is mostly a holdover in the list from before Sp//Dr and Ham allies were revealed. Kaine and Spider-Tingle are also suspect, but I wouldn't ditch one without dropping the other. This gives a lot of room to take out and play with.

For Leadership using Make the Call is going to be your way to consistently get the Web-warrior trait in play in lew of the protection allies, which looking at recent lists on the site is likely what most of the community would prefer lol.

Getting value out of Blaze of Glory like this would pivot it from a typically finishing card to more of a tempo play, which I think is super cool how WoLD can change the dynamics like that lol.

I do wonder what Leadership really brings to the lists besides the usual good stuff cards like RR, Regroup, Clarity, Kaluu, etc.. Having room for Gaurdians ally's and welcome aboard is not a bad thing though.

Dec 15, 2022 betadjinn · 5

Amazing deck, and probably the GOAT title. I was wondering how to implement the green webbers with Star-Lord, but not anymore. People overlook green these days; it’s gotten a lot better since it’s rough start, and now basics are so good that you can just make your deck mostly grey with only the best green.

I cannot get over that title lmao; awesome

Dec 16, 2022 Theberg123 · 1469

@betadjinn Haha thanks! I listened to the album earlier in the year before I even conceived of the deck, so you could say I was inspired lol.

And yeah the Web-Warriors have definitely helped shape up s lot of Grey - Focused strategies. This one was mostly a theorycraft after the last two WW packs were leaked so there's definitely some changes I'd recommend, but it is lots of fun regardless!