G.I.R.L. with a S.H.I.E.L.D.

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NightcrawlerBAMF · 2

The original plan for this deck was; could Nadia Van Dyne compete with Natasha Romanoff as the best character to stay in Alter-Ego for the entire game? The short answer after losing three straight games against Expert Rhino w/ Armadillo and Galactic Artifacts; was NO.

She is, however, a beast when going to Hero form when a trusty Pinpoint Strike or Wasp Sting is needed. Wasp controls the board so well with multi-targeted strikes from Hero form and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Justice setup is so so good in any form. I struggled with tweaking to make this deck so Nadia could stay in play more but Wasp is needed. I even found that changing form made this deck completely enjoyable and I won three straight games against the same villain above; the last of the three games was laughable.

One of the coolest mechanics of this deck was how many times I got to cycle Genius and Nick Fury. If you are lucky enough to get these cards early you could play them 3 - 4 times before decking out. Nadia's Alter-Ego ability of shuffling up to 2 cards with a printed allows you the ability to grab damage or thwart cards as needed. Nothing like shuffling Wasp Sting, Pinpoint Strike and/or Nick Fury back into your deck to use over and over again.

This deck has a great combo of Hero damage and Hero/Alter-Ego thwart control. A great solo deck and certainly would play well in Multiplayer.