No Defending - Energy Barrier Tank (Updated)

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JRise33 · 5113

If you like playing games with a lot of interesting decisions each turn - this deck is for you.

Vision has one of the most versatile decks in the game, but his Pre-Con deck was totally broken, because of his Defending restriction in Intangible Form.

As a result he was super frustrating to play and many of the cards his deck came with made zero sense to include with his kit.

This deck resolves these problems, providing Vision with multiple ways to avoid damage without defending, while maintaining Full HP with several ways to heal in hero form.

As a result the form flipping will be WAY smoother, while slowly building up a stronger and stronger retaliation engine in the form of Energy Barriers and Dauntless.

This is more possible compared to other Hero's because the Intangible -2 damage bonus allows you to avoid minion chip damage, which means many times when you flip to Dense form you'll have 2-3 energy barriers and a Tough Status card to turn you into an...

Energy Barrier Tank

Interesting Choices Throughout:

As you play you'll be faced with a ton of interesting decisions each turn, including how to use your Allies since they all have situational abilities.

  • Do you defend one turn with Clea to spend an extra turn building energy barriers, because you can expect her back ASAP with your deck running low?

  • Do you bring Starhawk back into your hand and replay him or do you hold him for a turn and play a momentum shift to heal up?

  • Do you use Vivian for Attack or Thwart + what form do you want to end the turn in going into the villain phase?

  • Do you reboot Vivian for a massive turn or do you Reboot Vision to regain the 1HP you're missing so Dauntless reactivates giving you a plus 2 Retaliate in Dense form with your cape?

I've just had so much fun playing this deck.

It might take you a game or two to learn what choices are better than others in certain situations, but once you find the flow - you'll be an absolute beast.

Testing Experience

In my experience - the sign of an extremely strong Protection deck is whether it can clear a minion heavy scenario in solo mode.

This deck has cleared Mutagen Formula (expert) and Klaw (expert) multiple times with very little issues. Most games ended with limited threat concerns and a full health Vision.

Have fun!


Feb 07, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

Updated to swap Quincarrier in for Helicarrier because I was playing "actions" wrong. Can now use Quincarrier to pay for subdue on villain phase.

Feb 07, 2022 SpiderPK · 33

The deck vision works great. Why not put an Electrostatic Armor instead Dauntless ? Or booth for Realiate 3

Feb 07, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

@SpiderPK thanks for asking - because you need to defend to trigger retaliate on electrostatic armor which you should rarely be doing since intangible form doesn't allow it and not really necessary in dense form unless you play Mass Increase.

Feb 07, 2022 Larnth · 27

Am I mistaken or is this not so great for multiplayer?

Would be better to do any other role than protection since you can't defend your teammates without exhausting - which goes against the whole idea for this build?

Feb 07, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

Only tested it solo @Larnth but I would expect this deck to perform quite well in multiplayer too - provided "defending" for others wasn't important. This a very good jack of all trades with good damage, threat removal and damage deflection. Managed to defeat expert Hood playing solo last night.

Feb 08, 2022 Jones · 1

@JRise33 Does flipping Intangible or Dense proc Perseverance or is it only Vision himself?

Feb 08, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

@Jones yup - any time you change form it triggers a tough status card so switching to dense and/or intangible allow you to add a tough status card which is why it's so powerful. Switching to Intangible, then tossing on a tough allows you to take a villain hit, while negate any damage from a minion swinging for 1 or 2 so you don't burn through energy barriers. Don't forget the extra card draw on flipping to dense too. You want to be flipping constantly.

Feb 08, 2022 Larnth · 27

I played it in 3-player multiplayer last night alongside Thor Aggression (new player) and Venom Justice against Rhino, then Thor Aggression (still new player) and Quicksilver Justice against Goblin Mutagen Formula

Performed very, very well and I didn't even play it optimally. Some more time played with this will serve me well, I very much look forward to playing with this!

Feb 08, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

So many interesting decisions each turn right @Larnth? Once you get the flow of which decisions are better in certain situations, you'll crush it.

Feb 09, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 3839

Gotta say, I think this is your best deck to date @JRise33! I love what you've come up with. I've been wanting to lean into intangible form, but just couldn't get it to work. This is it!

As always, I think the last few cards in the deck are somewhat interchangeable (its the core and concept that really matters). I'm currently playing around with Multiple Man for storing blocks on the table for those turns you head to Dense. With 3x MM and 3x Perserverence per deck cycle I think that should be pretty sure to keep you safe when you get attacked there.

Love that double retaliate on minions when intangible ~chef's kiss~. Sort of wish there was a Get Over Here in Protection so you could store Minions :)

Feb 09, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

Thanks so much @teamcanadahockey2002! So happy you like the deck my friend. Out of curiosity what cards are you swapping to get Multiple Man in there? I like the idea of trying to work him in.

Feb 09, 2022 Nevvermore · 73

@Larnth You CAN defend your teammates without exhausting, by using a card or ability. This has changed like twice over the course of the game’s lifespan. First you could, then you couldn’t, but now you can, again. This is the wording in the current RRG:

• If a player defends against an enemy attack that targets a different player (either by defending with a character they control or by resolving a defense ability), the defending player becomes the new target of that attack.

Feb 09, 2022 teamcanadahockey2002 · 3839

@JRise33 So my thought process went something like this...

If I want to heal, and just use a basic First Aid it gives 1 heal per ER. If I use Reboot, I get 1 heal and a basic action back (by readying), which means its basically 1 ER to heal 1 and 1 ER to to an ATK or THW. Then I thought of the upcoming card Whatever Doesnt Kill Me... that heals 2 and readies you, but costs 3, which is essentially heal 2 for 2 ER and then 1 ER for the ATK or THW. Finally, Momentum Shift will also heal 2 for 2ER with 1 ER that does 2 damage.

So at the end of the day, because Vis will attack and thwart at 2 anyways I realized that these all sort of do the same thing but what I really care about is the healing. Some of these cards have an arrow which means they can only ready or give damage when I can actually heal 2 damage, which means they're dead if Im at full health.

Long story short, I opted for Med Team so I can heal when I want to, and on demand, plus they are 6 health for 4 ER which is a better price.

So in my deck, Im using Med Teams too, and eliminating the Quinncarrier (I dont really need a wild resource when I have no triggers to require it plus I have a Solar Gem) and ditched the other two allies. If the MM are clogging up my board, I dont need Clea or Starhawk hanging around. MM gives 3 blocks for 5 ER but Clea gives 3 blocks for 9 ER. Finally, I ditched the Momentum Shift (kept the Reboots for Viv)

Feb 10, 2022 Graceclaw · 27

Just had success against Standard 2 Expert 1 Taskmaster with the Beasty Boys module! Deck feels great, well done.

Feb 12, 2022 rstorcdk · 3858

Any deck that uses Energy Barrier has my interest. Good synergy all around. Great job!

Feb 13, 2022 Daringhour7 · 65

Really enjoyed playing your deck on my first runs with Vision. At first it sounds like a gimmick…to just go Intangible and not defend…but you are right this deck allows for tons of decisions based on the board state and what cards you have in hand. So nice to switch to Dense form when you are ready to go on the offensive. Think I may swap out Clea and Starhawk (although they are both great cards) for Android allies so I can get more utility from Hickory Lane that way. Honestly, I just want to pull the Androids for resources…I’ve found that your Vision is capable of defending everything without any ally assistance. Anyway, great deck…felt like a super-powered robot the whole time.

Feb 13, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

Thanks for such a thorough breakdown @teamcanadahockey2002. Like the adjustment with Med Team and MM that you tossed out.

@Graceclaw - love to hear you had success with it!

@rstorcdk - I'm with you. HUGE energy barrier fan.

@Daringhour7 - happy to hear you enjoyed the deck. Definitely an option to run more androids. Especially with Jocasta who can keep Mass Increase in your back pocket more often without messing with hand size.

Feb 14, 2022 jje · 1

I’m really enjoying this deck. Thank you very much. I don’t own Deft Focus (yet) and I’m not particularly fond of Starhawk so I’ve subbed in Jocasta and MachineMan. Now, when I have 616 Hickory Branch Lane in play, I have a passel of androids to pick from. Two per flip-down if you time it right plus draw one with Density. That’s a heck of a benefit for just going AE.

Mar 27, 2022 Zenclix · 1

Thank you. Any comments about adding Side Step?

Mar 27, 2022 JRise33 · 5113

@Zenclix - thanks for asking! I didn't add Side Step because it's a "defense" card which means you wouldn't be able to use it in Intangible Mass form so the timing is tricky and the card becomes less valuable.

Apr 12, 2022 Brian-V · 34938

@JRise33 Well done! I was playing with a Tough deck with Vision, but opted to go with Androids/616 and Med Teams. I'll have to give this on a try too. Great deck!

Apr 12, 2022 Anoik · 1

Hello @JRise33 i love your deck. Have you considered the new card "What doesn't kill me" (heal 2 damage from your hero->ready your hero)?

You have to pay it with a physical resource (or a wild resource), but it is perhaps more versatile than Momentum shift because you can also use it in intangible, and in Dense readying up your hero is equivalent to being able to attack for 2 .

Apr 13, 2022 MarvelMan · 2

Excellent deck. I played it though the MTS campaign. Very versatile with great options to make you think creatively each turn. Thanks for sharing!

Apr 28, 2022 LordGodalming · 20

Yo, JRise!

This deck F$%&ING rocks.
I doubted you at first, but after finally heavily skewing my deck towards your suggestions, I am very impressed.
Hats off to you, sir, a truly impressive creation.

My Nobody Beats The Viz version here if you're curious...

(bonus points to anyone old enough to get that reference).

Sep 03, 2022 AnwarAT · 1

Hi @JRise33, thanks for the interesting build. Why not use Fighting Fit though?

Jan 11, 2023 wojciech · 7

For me, this is one of the best hero (with Scarlet, Strange and Ant-Man). This deck is great, I've one of the highest win rate (true solo) with it. Nice job!