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Blansaw · 7

After a few plays I edited the deck, removing Godslayer and Side Holster since I didn't feel I got enough value for them, I also dropped Into The Fray because it was too costly to get used, especially when all of my other aggression attacks cost 1 resource less for 1 less damage (most of the time).

To help the deck gain consistency and give myself a bit more threat removal, I added Looking For Trouble so I can get more minions to use my attack events to get more readies to keep hitting the villain.

I'd welcome any feedback on what I'm not seeing, or what I could do better. I'm not 100% clear where Death-Glow is supposed to be during deck building as far as if it's 1 of the 40 or not, for now I'm assuming it is.


Jan 29, 2022 JWalton77 · 542

Looks good! A nice, straightforward beat down. Are you just tanking villain damage, or does it rely on other players to defend? I see you have it tagged multiplayer so I assume the latter

Jan 29, 2022 Blansaw · 7

@JWalton77 it's a little bit of both, I need other players to handle threat because I don't think it has enough threat removal on its own, but I won't say no to a block, the handy thing about death-glow is that I can have a turn where I do bit of a beat down and still be standing to recover when I flip to Alter-Ego and vice versa, and Valhalla gives a smidge of healing every turn