Unflappable Shieldmaiden

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Designhacker · 236

The goal of this deck is to take advantage of “Cheap Deathglow”.

Valkyrie’s kit is designed to either be a slugfest against minions or 1-on-1 vs the villain. In this deck, you’ll get applying death-glow to the villain right off the hop, and getting Dragonfang, Valkyrie’s Spear, and Aragorn into play as quickly as possible.

Nothing buys time in solo better than a solid protection build, so this deck is focused on getting cheap allies into play to chump block for you on those occasions where you aren’t ready to defend just yet.

With such a high number of upgrades and supports, if you can buy yourself the time, your end game will be full of Leading Blows and Ever Vigilants to keep the threat down and the attacks coming!

Unflappable and Quincarrier will be pretty key to your tempo increase, and Aragorn is a must-play to get your Ever Vigilants into circulation ASAP.

Play defensive, and wait for that primo turn where where you can block an attack, draw a card with unflappable, remove threat with hard to ignore, deal 1 damage with electrostatic armor, and send back a counter-punch of 4 against the villain for 0. It’s amazing.


Jan 25, 2022 Lerysh · 16

Interesting. While I have no doubt the static +1 attack from Dragonfang does increase the damage from Counter Punch, does the conditional +1 from Death Glow also work for attack events? You are attacking the Death Glow target so it seems to work. Nice combo.

Jan 25, 2022 Designhacker · 236

@Lerysh Yes! It gains the +2 damage against the villain because you are attacking the enemy with Death-Glow attached using your ATK. I don't use Counter-Punch often, but it shines in this deck for sure. Feels even better in multiplayer if a friend plants a combat training on you!

Jan 27, 2022 pamex · 1

Love it ! Exactly my play style. Build first and then enjoy ! Thanks Luke :)

Jan 27, 2022 Designhacker · 236

@pamex My pleasure! I hope you have fun with her!