Vision Meditation - 3 Cost Tribal

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Moby · 3711

This deck takes advantage of the powerful new alter ego card Meditation to put 3 cost cards into play for "free". The main targets are Sonic Rifle to keep the villain confused, and Beat Cop for steady threat removal (and to blow up minions). Both of the basic Carrier supports are also 3 cost (however you can't bring in Quincarrier with Meditation), and Avengers Mansion can come in for 1 resource.

This idea works particularly well with Vision because his 616 Hickory Branch Lane can grab Vivian every single turn that he is in alter ego.

When you do switch into Hero form, Lay Down the Law is a cheap and powerful way to take out any side schemes or clear off threat from the main scheme before flipping back to alter ego.

Deft Focus is a no brainer in Vision, as almost all of his hero cards are superpowers.

I usually plan to have Vision in his Intangible form when flipping into alter ego to get a handsize of 6, but don't be afraid to stay in Dense form for the extra recovery if you need it.

Once you have out all of these powerful supports and upgrades, its easy to flip every turn and Solar Beam the villain to death, using Density Control to grab them back from your discard pile.


Jan 25, 2022 taddymason89 · 1

I built a similar list but was not runnning sonic rifle. Holy crap that makes it so much better.