Psionisch. Waffe.

Cost: 2.


Held Reaktion (Angriff) : Nachdem du eine andere PSIONISCH- Karte gespielt hast, erschöpfe Psimitar → füge einem Gegner 2 Schaden zu.

NeXt Evolution #29.

Psimitar is a fantastic card for the Psionic archetype best wielded by Phoenix, Cable or Psylocke. Psylocke is rather interesting because you need to be careful about your Restricted slots as each Psi-Katana is also Restricted. You can avoid this being an issue by keeping one Katana fixed on the Knife side, but that takes away some of the powerful flexibility of Psylocke's identity set. Side Holster can fix this issue too. With 10+ Psionic cards in your deck, you should have a Psionic card to play almost every turn of the game, and it's a no-brainer how strong 2 free damage a turn is with no additional resource or discard cost. The eligible heroes can all thwart for two with their basic power, making Lock and Load a nice inclusion to help find this card. Nothing too tricky about Psimitar, just a solid card worth playing for each of the Psionic-heavy heroes.

Stretch22 · 539