Lucas Bishop



Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 0. Thwart: 2.

Reaktion: Nachdem dich ein Gegner angegriffen hat, platziere hier 1 Energiemarker.

Unterbrechung: Sobald Bishop angreift, entferne jeden Energiemarker von ihm → er bekommt für diesen Angriff für jeden auf diese Weise entfernten Marker +2 ANG (bis zu einem Maximum von +6 ANG).

Gambit #11.
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At baseline, this is 4 thwart + 6 damage for 4 ER which is great. However the kicker is he needs to get charged up by you getting attacked so you need to mitigate 3 attacks without Stuns. Since Justice isn't the best at doing that, it means your character kit or Allies have to do the majority of the heavy lifting. This puts him at his best when playing Colossus as he's built to take hits to the face.

Neokarasu · 71
I also like him with Rogue, as I just need a justice ally to stay on the board for a bunch of turns to trigger superpower adaptation. So he's perfect as he wants to sit around for a while building counters — HeroicSkeleton · 81
He fires up real fast in multi-player. — IceHot · 14
oops missed the "you" — IceHot · 14