Cost: —.


Jeder Charakter bekommt +1 ANG.

Spezial: Füge einem Gegner 2 Schaden zu.

Andrea Di Vito & Laura Villari
Storm #4. Weather #3.

Switching to Thunderstorm and attacking with Storm is 5 damage, purely off your identity, no resources spent. It has its downsides of course- keeping this up means villains hit harder and you're exhausting Storm- but it's still an incredible damage output that she has without spending or even drawing a single card.

This also acts as a great damage multiplier for Allies and of course turns Lightning Bolt into ten damage for only 4 ER, giving Storm a pretty incredible damage output no matter her aspect.

Singleplayer lets you almost completely negate the downside of boosting your enemies by transforming back to Ororo, by the way. You can do it in multiplayer but then you're either letting your allies take a +1 attack or rolling multiple schemes.

DaLucaray · 14