Cost: 1.

Aktion: Wähle:

- Heile 4 Schaden von deiner Identität.

- Lege alle Betäubt- und Verwirrt-Statuskarten von deiner Identität ab.

Ario Anindito & Javier Mena Guerrero
Wolverine #12. Wolverine #15-16.
Regenerative Heilung

This card is bonkers. 4 health or ALL negative status cards. Sure, it's not Godlike Stamina, but it's much more versatile. Even the Night Nurse will only heal 1 damage or remove a single status effect. For the same cost, you can either heal for more then the REC of most heroes, or you can get rid of all stunned and confused cards. This card is undercosted, and makes Wolverine all the more dangerous by keeping him in hero form.

MacGhille · 194