Max. 2 pro Deck.

Unterbrechung: Sobald du diese Karte ausgibst, um ein Widerstand- Ereignis zu spielen, entfernt das Ereignis 1 zusätzliche Bedrohung.

Phoenix #20.
Es lebe die Gerechtigkeit

To me, this is the most underrated card of the X-men cycle.

Sure… Multitasking is a no-brainer for nice value. Nice enhancement for Crisis Interdiction and Rapid Deployment too.

It seems like people are sleeping on Problem Solvers which LOVES this card. In games with more than one Justice hero, multiple players can help pay for it with these resources for truly absurd threat management. That will also be true of the upcoming Team Investigation.

Overwatch is another way to get a lot out of it. Even the big thwart events like Crisis Averted get better when you remove 7 from 2 schemes.

celric · 433
"Even the Odds" works well too in multiplayer games — mougy · 81

Funny how this came with gambit because the aggression version fits him perfectly. Overall, it is a rather lack-luster card as mentioned the aggression version has more value and fun factor. If you really wanted to run this multiplayer would be advised more than anything synergising with multi-task off the top of my head and a bunch of side schemes on the board since you get (+2 thwart value).

LoveMePlease · 17