Psionisch. Zustand.

Cost: 4.

Hänge diese Karte an einen Nicht-Elite-Schergen an.

Übernimm die Kontrolle über den Schergen mit diesem Upgrade und behandle ihn als einen Kontrolliert-Verbündeten mit leerem Textfeld. Sein WID-Wert entspricht seinem aufgedruckten PLA-Wert und er nimmt 1 Folgeschaden, nachdem er Widerstand geleistet oder angegriffen hat.

Eduardo Mello
Phoenix #9. Phoenix #8.

Almost any minion you can steal with this will be at least as good as a random 2-cost ally, so the question is whether removing the minion is worth another two resources. In most cases, probably! And sometimes you'll get an ally that's worth much more than that (eg Blob, Senyaka, or if you're really lucky Sentinel Mark VIII).

The default scenarios in the Mutant Genesis campaign all have plenty of targets for this; if you change modulars and/or are playing a different campaign, you may see significantly fewer or even no targets. Also, this is effectively a "reward for defeating minion" card - if another player is also playing a deck of that style, you may be competing for who gets to "claim the bounty" as it were. Watch out that your new friend does count against your ally limit, and will ruin any mono-team synergies you might have going (eg Uncanny X-Men)

Better in multiplayer, as it's more likely you'll see a target on the turn you have this in hand. Overall: one of a very select group of cards I'm willing to hang on to from one turn to the next, rather than pitching to draw more.

Fry · 227
Very valueable angainst #Claw with his Master of Evils. #Whirlwind, #Melter and #Tiger Shark are very useful targets for this. — Black_Jack · 1