Verteidigung. Zauber.

Cost: 0.

Spiele diese Karte nur, falls deine Identität das Merkmal Mystiker hat. Max. 1 pro Deck.

Hero Unterbrechung (Verteidigung): Sobald du durch einen Angriff eine beliebige Menge an Schaden nehmen würdest, lege so viele Karten von deinem Deck ab → verhindere allen Schaden durch den Angriff.

The Mad Titan's Shadow #61.

Another fantastic, though Mystic-only card, that basically any Mystic protection deck should play. It typically costs about 2 ER for a villain activation block, so getting that for 1 ER is great. Not only that, but it is a reactive block that lets you wait and see how much damage you would be taking before you decide to play the card. Great card to put under Jocasta. Discarding from the top of the deck is usually a small downside, but with Digging Deep and White Fox you could add some sweet value to the effect.

Stretch22 · 539