Cost: 4.
Health: 4.
Attack: 1. Thwart: 1.

Vergeltung 1. Zähigkeit.

The Mad Titan's Shadow #59.

Generally worse than iron fist for same cost.

Iron fist does 2 stun+1 last hp block. He does 6 damage over 2 turns

Charlie does 1 block from toughness (can't attack first turn he comes out either)+1 last hp block. Charlie does 3 damage over 3 turns.

So Charlie has 1 fewer block, does 2 less damage over a longer period of time and has more conditions.

Only other best case scenario for Charlie (aside from other card combos) is blocking exactly 1 ATK hits (maybe from small Minions) and returning 1 damage each. Iron fist can't tank 5x 1 ATK hits while still doing 4 damage.

Fates · 3
Iron Fist is one of the best allies in the game, so this is an unfortunate comparison. There are plenty of allies, even basic, that outclass Charlie though — Stretch22 · 539