Rüstung. Tech.

Cost: 1.

Spiele diese Karte nur, falls deine Identität das Merkmal Guardian hat. Max. 1 pro Spieler.

Held Unterbrechung: Sobald du durch einen Angriff eine beliebige Menge an Schaden nehmen würdest, erschöpfe Booster-Stiefel und lege die oberste Karte deines Decks ab → verhindere 1 Schaden davon.

Galaxy's Most Wanted #52.

This is missing the "Max 1 per player" designation that the card has.

Since I'm here, this is a great card that's really grown on me. I think it's a staple for survivability for the Guardians especially with Star Lord. Of course preventing 1 damage is great, and yea there's a chance you could kill a crucial card.

But the thing is you're still cycling cards. What's the benefit of that if you don't get the card in your hand, you may ask? Shuffling your deck puts all those big hitters back in your deck. For Star Lord, that means more Sliding Shot which is HUGE as well as more encounter cards from the shuffle. Rocket gets more weapons to cycle and really benefits from the survivability. It's less crucial but still useful for Gamora. Unfortunately doesnt work for Groot effectively since his counters interrupt before booster boots can trigger. But overall, great card.

jrec15 · 134
This should really give you the Aerial trait! — gam7 · 1