Cost: 2.

Bruce Banner bekommt +2 ERH.

Alter-Ego Ressource: Erschöpfe Banners Labor → erzeuge eine -Ressource.

"Das Beste an meinem Labor ist, dass mich hier nie jemand stört." -- Bruce Banner
Hulk #8. Hulk #13.
Banners Labor

All but 1 of Hulk’s cards are only playable in Hero form, so generating 1 resource in Alter Ego will not win you games.

An Avengers Tower will do more, so will a Team-Building Exercise, as it will be a resource accessible in the form you will be in. +2 REC is kind of nice, but when we got Down Time for 1 that adds +2 REC. Having 5 REC can be cool, as it can heal most of the damage of 1 undefended attack, but at the cost of another turn to recover. Maybe one day there will be a REC-based archetype that will love those 2 extra points, but as of now, it doesn’t exist yet.

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