Cost: 1.

Held Unterbrechung (Verteidigung): Sobald du beim Angriff des Schurken eine Boost-Karte auf ihre offene Seite gedreht wird, hebe alle Boost-Symbole ([boost]) auf der Karte auf. Füge dann dem Schurken für jedes auf diese Weise aufgehobene Boost-Symbol 1 Schaden zu.

Ms. Marvel #14.

I have a problem with the timming. When do i have to play this card? After the boost card is turned faceup or before when i have to declare defense? I struggle with the new defence rule. We played this card always after the boost card turned face up. This proved to be very effective since when only one or no boost icon shows off this card is not effective. cheers

DaLurka · 2
Well since the card says "when a boost card is turned face up", I don't believe you have much of a choice. I think you've been playing it right. Way I see it, the new rules do not change this. However, I believe that in multi-player, if you play it when another player is attacked, you become defender (RRG 1.4 clarified this). — neothechosen · 5489
Can Preemptive Strike be played if I am defending with an ally? — Carquinyoli · 179
The card does not say "while the villain attacks YOU" so it should be playable when an ally or even another player defends. However, per the rules if you play a defense card when someone else is being attacked, you become the target of the attack, so it would switch any damage from your ally to you. — Time4Tiddy · 10
The key thing to remember is that only one player can use cards (allies, defense events, or exhausting your identity) to defend each attack. If you block with your own ally, you can preemptive strike. If somebody else blocks with their ally, you can't - it's a defense event and another player already defended the attack (in this case with an ally). There's a great example here — Blackhaven · 1