Cost: 3.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Unterbrechung: Sobald Red Dagger besiegt wird, gib 2 Ressourcen unter-schiedlichen Typs aus → füge einem Gegner 2 Schaden zu und schicke Red Dagger zurück auf deine Hand.

"Karachi ist mein Zuhause. Ich patrouilliere dort auf den Straßen."
Ms. Marvel #2. Ms. Marvel #1.
Red Dagger

Let's add everything together on Red here.

For five resources, you're getting a max of 8 damage if you swing him out and then trigger. Or, it's a max of 6 damage + a block. Or he's six thwart and two damage, or four thwart, two damage and a block.

Triggering him bounces him back to hand, so you functionally have a discount on his cost of one resource. He can be stashed on Bruno Carrelli or pre-staged with Aamir Khan.

Those little iterative instances of two damage really add up over the course of the game, and Red's a pretty balanced effective addition with interesting lines of play, much like his friend Kamala Khan.

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