Hauptplan. Stage 1

Contents: Taskmaster (I) and Taskmaster (II). Taskmaster, Hydra Patrol, and Standard encounter sets. One modular encounter set (Weapon Master).

Setup: Set each Captive ally aside out of play. Search the encounter deck for Hydra Patrol and put it into play. Shuffle the encounter deck.

Hunting Down Heroes
Hauptplan. Stage 1
Starting Threat: 1. Escalation Threat: 1.
Threat: 12.
The notorious Taskmaster has been appointed by Hydra's chief of police. His top priority is hunting down the outlaw heroes.

Forced Response: After resolving step one of the villain phase, each player in hero form must choose to either place 1 threat here or take 1 damage.

If this stage is completed, the players lose the game.

Dennis Medri
The Rise of Red Skull #96. Taskmaster #4.
Hunting Down Heroes

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