War Machine
James Rhodes


Avenger. S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cost: 4.
Health: 3.
Attack: 2. Thwart: 2.

Zähigkeit. (Dieser Charakter kommt mit einer Zäh-Statuskarte ins Spiel.

War Machines Basisangriff erhält Fernkampf. (Fernkampfangriffe ignorieren Vergeltung.)

The Rise of Red Skull #20.
War Machine

Quite surprised of not seeing this in many decks. For me is one of the best allies in the game. Thougness is awesome, and it has good stats. It can easily block you an attack, Thwart/attack two times, and then be sacrified to block another attack. Taking 2 villain attacks and attack/thwart of 4 at the cost of 4 resources looks like a good deal to me.

I specially like it in Nadia Van Dyne's decks, as it can be recycled with G.I.R.L.

Also, I'm not 100% sure of how it interacts with Rapid Response. I'd say that it enters play with a Tough token and then, that token is removed by the Rapid Response text. Can anybody confirm that at 100% ?

wehehe · 177
My thoughts exactly. — neothechosen · 10356
The new venom justice ally just announced for nebula's hero pack also makes this card seem very strong. Best case scenario the new venom ally is a 4 cost 2thw 3atk which is arguably weaker than this. — L3w15 7 · 10907
I think your Rapid Response interaction is correct — Stretch22 · 557
Your assessment of WM's interaction with Rapid Response is correct because of the word "and*. You first complete putting War Machine into play (placing a Tought status token on him) then continuewith the second part, dealing a damage and removing his Tough token. It makes him a harder sell for targeting with Rapid Response, as a lot of hius value comes from that block. — Judicator82 · 125

This version of War Machine is ironically better than Tony's actual Identity-Specific version. Another Thwart, another Hit Point, and frankly better game text. Taking two damage to deal 1 to the board is pretty bad unless you are getting swarmed with Ultron drones. This version of Rhodey not only ignores Retaliate but comes into play with a preloaded Tough, which is GREAT to absorb the next attack coming at you. This version also has SHIELD, adding another layer of usefulness.

I'm running this in my Iron Man deck now as an additional version of Rhodey to play Two Against The World, but also because he's a damn fine blocker that can soak two hits with a Thwart or Attack in the middle. As a Basic card, he's also Aspect agnostic, so you can run him in any build.

Soulfire · 33
You unfortunately cannot play two War Machines in an Iron Man deck, but I agree about this being a great basic ally — Stretch22 · 557
You can put two War Machines in an Iron Man deck because his Identity Specific is also War Machine. — Soulfire · 33
RR 1.5, under Unique Icon "A player cannot include more than one copy of each unique card (by title) in their deck." An exception is made for allies with the same title and different subtitles, but both War Machines have the subtitle "James Rhodes". Notably, the deckbuilder in marvelcdb doesn't stop you from doing this — Stretch22 · 557